Monday, July 21, 2014

My Top Ten Favorite Nail Polish

Hi, Ladies!

You would think I would have more time this July, eh?  It took me a whole month to think things through.  Somebody asked me what my favorite nail polish was, and I could not, for the life of me, give an answer.  So I thought about it well and hard, and decided to give you ladies a list of my top ten.  And this was excruciatingly difficult. (Plus the fact that I also decided to use the polishes in a challenge.)

So, here goes (in no particular order):

 Zoya Tomoko:  My travel go-to polish as it does not need a base nor a top coat.  A textured, elegant gold I can wear casually or during formal occasions.  I can never go wrong with this.

OPI Kiss Me I'm Brazilian:  This is a bright pastel pink that kind of comes off a little neon, if I may say so.  It looks good both on short and long nail beds.
 OPI An Affair in Red Square:  This is my go-to red polish since 2005.  This is actually my 4th bottle since.  If I cannot decide on what color to wear,  I just pick this one up.  I used to have really short nails before, and this one looks spunky on it, but also elegant on longer nails. I love this so much!
Picture Polish Honey Dew:  This is a bright mint color that looks so clean and fresh.  I love that it's a light color but is not at all streaky.  This also got me my record-holding MOST likes on Instagram.  I guess everybody likes it, too.

Zoya Kitridge: This is my most-loved baby pink polish.  It is so girly and pretty at the same time.  I love that it's so easy to apply, and is opaque in two coats.

 Polish Me Silly Alter Ego:  This is a multichrome that shifts from purple to blue to pink, and at some angles, a little gold.  This is gorgeous beyond words.

 Zoya Pippa: I honestly never thought I would have a favorite yellow, because yellow wasn't my type when I was younger.  But this one, is just bright and easy to apply, that I cannot help but love it.  Most yellow polishes are streaky, but this one isn't at all. It doesn't make my skin look pale or awkward, so I heart it!

KBShimmer She Twerks Out: This is a blue-green magical polish.  The glitters in it are varying in sizes and and color (different shades of greens and blues), but everything reminding me of an enchanted forest.  This is my favorite KBShimmer!

NCLA I'm With The Band:  This is a super bright red-orange with gold undertones.  I love it because it is elegantly playful.  My camera couldn't capture the gold undertones really well, but it is very visible IRL.

Zoya Dream:  This is a jelly blue polish with specks of holographic glitters.  2-3 coats will make it opaque.  It reminds me of the sky when the stars are out.
How about you?  Can you please tell me your favorite polish?
PS, I would like to thank Monica of Polish Please PH for supplying me with all of these nail polish.  Polish Please PH is my Heisenberg, kind of.  I get hold of the latest collections, hard-to-find colors and brands, because of her.  I don't know what my life would be without her feeding my addiction.   Every transaction is fast and smooth.  
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Thank you for your time!  



  1. I love all the Zoya Polishes you posted. Lalong-lalo na yung Dream, Kitridge and Pippa ;) Ang gaganda!!!

  2. Wow nice picks! I'm following you now! :)