Saturday, November 7, 2015

Doctor Lacquer Scubaloha Collection

Hi there, Ladies!

I'm back with some exciting swatches and simple nail art designs for the Doctor Lacquer Scubaloha Collection!  I got myself the Full Set which are 16.5 ml for each bottle, consisting of 8 (yes, EIGHT) amazing Glow in the Dark Neon / Pastel Neon colors!! They sell for $79.99 for the whole collection, which if you ask me, is a steal for that price.  But they also have an option for medium-sized sets, with the same 8 colors at 10.5 ml each for $57.99.  So, before I reveal everything I have to say about this collection, please check out my swatches and designs below. (Disclaimer: I have mentioned that this collection is gitd, but I apologize, I have yet to practice my gitd picture-taking abilities, so no posts on that here.)

First off is Nohu.  I swatched this color first because coral is my most favorite color of all (especially neons).

This is a rich pastel neon coral color.  I did 3 easy coats on this just to be sure.

And because this was my first swatch, I failed so badly with the photography.  I stamped on a BPS 024 image using MDU Spring Green.  This is really lovely IRL.  The image was sharp, the colors were a great combination of each other, but since these were too bright for the camera, it couldn't focus well.   I had to apply a matte top coat even though Nohu finished an even more beautiful semi-matte / satin.  IMO, I failed Doctor Lacquer so badly with this picture.  (I also tried putting a glossy top coat on, but it was even more painful to the eye.)

Hinalea Lauwili is a rich pastel neon green color.   I find it really refreshing to the eye. 

I also did 3 easy coats to achieve this.

This time, I stamped a Konad image on, with a local (or maybe Chinese) polish, but topped with Seche Vite.  And then I realized I liked Doctor Lacquer's finish best but it was too late.

Lau'i Pala is a pastel yellow color that looks like it gitd even in daylight, if you get what I mean.

This was 3 easy coats as well.

And because "Scubaloha", I stamped a Cici and Sisi image on it.  I used MDU 49 polish for this and I fell so in love.  You know that feeling when you give birth and see your child as the prettiest thing on Planet Earth?  That's the feeling I got for this. No humility AT ALL.  I wore this for 3 days, I think.  THREE. WHOLE. DAYS.  That almost never happens to me.  Ok, I'm gushing. Sorry.  On to the next one.

Omilu is a pastel blue that's said to glow strongest and longest.

Also 3 easy coats.  Do you get the pattern yet? :) 

And the attempt to do an advanced / multiple stamping design just didn't do it.  I'm sorry.  These were from plates my friend lent me (all dupes).  Those are merfolks there, if you can't tell. 

Lau Wiliwili is a pastel yellow color that still glows.  If I may say so myself, it looks a little orangey in some angles.  I love it.

You guessed it.  3 coats.

Stamped an image from Cici and Sisi again, using MDU 30 polish.  I dunno, the stamping polish needed a lot more shaking than what I did, so pardon this.  Had a great future to it though.  

I saved Kumu for last.

This was 2 coats.  Rich pastel neon pink that reminded me of...

Yes, Barbie.  I used Faburnails Fun 12 image plate for this.  (Don't forget my discount code: "Tinseltownnails" for 10% off all items!)

Oh wait.  I had trouble with the grittier Uhu Uliuli so I didn't swatch it alone.  I did this with Lauhau:

It took me days to finish this mani.  Kidding.  I loved the random colored glitters and thought it worked perfectly well with Uhu Uliuli.

To cap this blogpost, I'd want to stress how much I love this collection.  I was disappointed with another popular brand's pastel neon collection, but Doctor Lacquer met all expectations!  This wins it for me.  I hope this collection doesn't ever get discontinued because I'm thinking I might need another whole one in the next year or two.

If you want to know more detailed descriptions and more blog posts about this, please head on to Doctor Lacquer and look for "Scubaloha Collection", Angelyn has everything on there.  




Monday, October 19, 2015

Picture Polish Wanderlust, New York, Arabian and Big Bang

Hi, Ladies!!

I finished last month's challenge, but wasn't able to post it here.  I'm so sorry.  I'm just too lazy.  I feel like nobody visits this page anyway.  They're all on instagram.

Buuuut, I'm so excited to share with you swatches of the new Picture Polish collab collection!  I am always so happy to see the collab line because I try to imagine what color a nail artist will come up with,  and they ALWAYS, ALWAYS come up with something awesome (my mind doesn't give the colors justice. LOL!).

These 4 colors I chose are from people I look up to.  

Here's one from Didoline.

It's Arabian--a Christmas red with little specks of gold, silver and metallic red glitters.  It's a rich color, really opaque. I love how elegant it is alone.  I imagine using this for parties, Christmas or New Year's!  

Here, I added an image from Cici and Sisi plate 03.  I wanted the stamping to be really subtle so I do not ruin the lovely color. 

Now, next one is from Color4Nails.

 New York is a little mauve-y, kind of old rose-y pink, with silver tiny glitters.  It is very, very elegant.  I'm thinking of getting myself a back-up bottle for this because I'm foreseeing a very used NY bottle in the next few months.  This color can be paired with ANYTHING!  Wear it at parties, work, home, you name it.

I just added some colored studs to decorate this mani, I didn't really want to over-do it. :) 

From La NPA Mouton / Faustgil, it's Big Bang. 

I had to use three (3) coats for this, and you can still see some of my nail bed.  It is a pretty purple color with a lot of colored glitters.  I like it, too, but not as much as the rest of the lot.  Probably because of it being a 3-coater.  I hate to 3-coat polishes.  :(  

And in my mind, this design will be awesome, but I totally forgot I had a dark base, and didn't put white underneath the other colors. Sucks for me.   Can you even see the design??? UGH.

Lastly, Wanderlust by NailDecor.

This probably isn't an everyday color, but this is my most favorite among the four colors that I got.  I can't help it, I'm a neon baby.  This is super neon pink, with a lot of scattered silver glitters.  It's a beaut!!  Of course, I expected this from Nail Decor! <3

And I had to tame it down with a little stamping or else I'm gonna blind every single one of you, and myself. :) 

I'm wishing I bought the other colors that came along with the collection, but maybe next time.

I got these babies from Polish Please PH.  Polish Please is my favorite, favorite store of them all because they always have the latest stocks and they offer almost all indies I want!!  And not to mention, every transaction is a breeze.  Thank you, Polish Please!

Thank you, Picture Polish for such exciting colors and collections!  Looking forward to the next ones!  **Picture Polish is a 5-free Australian brand.  

**All manis except Big Bang were 2 coats with HK Girl Top Coat**


Thursday, July 2, 2015

OMD3Nails Day 2: Peach

Hi, Ladies!

Today I have spent hours and hours thinking of a mani that uses Peach + anything but Gold.  I ended up doing the P & G because I couldn't pretend I would be happy with anything else.  I love how delicate gold goes with peach.  I mean, who can go wrong with that combination? It's just classy.

Here, I did a gradient of China Glaze White On White, Color Club Hot Hot Hot Pants, and Essie Peach Side Babe.  I stamped over an image from OB Nail XXL G plate.  I added OPI Love. Angel. Music. Baby for an accent color.  I topped everything with Girl Stuff Magic Matte.  Take a look:

Ok, honestly, how did you find it?  Please let me know!



Wednesday, July 1, 2015

OMD3 July Nail Challenge

Hi, Ladies!

Happy 1st of July!!  Last year, I joined in the #omd2nails challenge, so this year, because CraftynailEeeeknailpolishBrijitelouise and Nailthataccent are hosting it again, I'M IN!!!  I definitely want to complete all 31 prompts like I did last year, plus every nail art I do gets me a raffle for the prizes they're giving away.  Cool, yeah?  If you want to know more about this challenge, please head on to their blog sites (linked through their names above).

And their first prompt is Teal.  Here's my entry:

I used Sally Hansen's Re-Teal Therapy, water-spotted on China Glaze White On White, and then I decal stamped an image from FabUrNails FUN14 plate. Seche Vite for the top coat.
It was my first time to try water-spotting, and boooooy, it was fuuuuuun!!! I'm looking forward to making more manis using this technique.
I hope I can do the next prompt tomorrow!

Monday, June 22, 2015

Moyou London Customer Service Is Awesome!

Hi there, Ladies!

I just want to share with you an experience I had with Moyou London.  I think it was about late April / early May that I got my orders from them.  I found that one (out of maybe half a dozen) had an etching defect.  At first I thought it was just the blue film that was scratched, but when I peeled it off, the plate itself was scratched.  I quickly took a picture of it and sent it to them.  Without any more questions, they asked for my order number, and replaced the item.  I have not encountered customer service THAT good.  I just want you all to know that Moyou will always be on top of my list.  I love their products, and now, this.

Here are a few manis for you:

 I did this one using Games 02 for my dad on Father's Day.  Can you tell, he loves cards?

This one was an Essie base:  Just Stitched, from their Cashmere Matte Collection. I stamped an image from Bridal 04.

I used a Sailor 04 image for this on top of Catrice (S)wimbledon and Sally Hansen Reef-Raf. The gold and stamping polish was Maybelline Bold Gold.


 And lastly, another image from Sailor 04 over P2 Blueberry Dots.

FYI, I am not a good stamping artist, but Moyou plates are so easy to work with, that's why most of my plates are from them.  I usually wait for their annual (or is it bi-annual) Free Shipping promo for my bulk purchases.  I am a very satisfied Moyou customer. Give them a try, you won't regret it!




Sunday, June 14, 2015

More Bundle Monster Images

Hi, Ladies!

I am sooo notorious for NOT blogging. Ugh.  I hate myself #killmenow.

I do have a couple of images here to show you from two of Bundle Monster image plates.

Above is an image from BM-410.  I used the reverse-stamping technique to achieve this.  The polishes were Misslyn Post It and Tony Moly PT05.  I wasn't too happy with the outcome so I had to do it again:
Do you like this second mani better than the first?  I think so, too.  It was a breeze getting the image from the plate because the etchings were deep and thick.  I also loved coloring the spaces in between since they were fairly big.  Even a newbie stamper will have an easy time using this plate.
The whole BM-410 plate was tribal-/aztec- themed.
Here is another mani, this time using BM-602:

The base colors were Sally Hansen Red Snapper, Diana Manicure 06 (blue) and The Face Shop YL703.  
I had a hard time picking up the images from this plate because they were fine.  I had to do 5x each finger to be able to get the whole image perfectly.  I initially planned on doing reverse-stamping on this, but decided against it after trying to color the very fine image.  You guessed it, the colors were all over the place.  I just couldn't do it.  So I decided on this simple stamping for this mani.  I liked the outcome though.  Despite the rough time I had (not really, I'm just exaggerating) picking the image up, I liked how dainty the images look on my nails.  If you are an advanced stamper, get this plate!!
I hope you liked the manis I did and the opinions I gave regarding the plates.  Let me know if you have any more questions!

(All manis were topped with Seche Vite)

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Bundle Monster BM-618

Hi, Ladies!!

I wanted to try a stained glass effect mani using Fun Lacquer Reunion (H) but it didn't turn out quite well with all the stamping polishes I tried to use.  Gold, Black, White, Metallic Pink.  So I decided to use a pastel base and the image from Bundle Monster BM-618 instead.

I have to say, I picked up the image quite well here.  The plate's image was well-etched (is there such a word?) that it makes a n00b like me look like I know what I'm doing.  I have so many more ideas with this image.  Give me a few more days and I will update some more nail art of the same image.

This Fun Lacquer Reunion (H) is super holo-crazy!  I just borrowed it from my best friend and will be returning it tomorrow.  I am also excited to try this brand out so I'll keep you posted. :)


I did another mani using the same image from this plate.  I reverse-stamped it using colors from GirlStuff AskMeWhats, Topaz Horizon, Sophia and Indigo.  I hope you liked it!



Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Citra by Nail Tek

Hi, Ladies!

I don't have any nail art for you today.  (I'm saving a blog post about a challenge I'm doing for the month)  But, hey, I want to share with you something a friend gave me for Christmas.

Citra by Nail Tek.  Didn't ring a bell.  Really.  My friend told me to use it as a base coat saying it is Formaldehyde-Free.  Uhhmmm-hmmm, I thought, maybe after I finish my OPI Nail Envy. 

But one day in December, I re-arranged my stuff and couldn't find my Nail Envy, and there, Citra was, sitting in front of me.  So I started using it.  I hardly noticed 4 months passing, and my nails growing well, until my bottle was down to its last drop. ASDFGKKKKK!!!  I tell you, girls, I HAVE NOT used any base coat to this level.  

I tried going back to my Nail Envy, but it didn't work as well as Citra did for me. :(  Now, I need to go to Beauty Kingdom  for another bottle.  

I just wanted to share with you this product, just in case you want to try.  It is selling for Php720, but all worth it.

And no, no, I wasn't paid to write this blog.  I am just super excited that I have found something that works so well for my nails.  I didn't realize I was chip-free for four months until I used a base coat other than Citra.

Now I can't sleep because I need to wait a few more days before I can buy my next bottle. GAAAAH!!!




Thursday, March 26, 2015

Bundle Monster Stampers and BM-605

Hi, Ladies!

MY BACK IS ACHING!!!!! You know why??!  I had this idea in my head and I wanted to execute it, but I wasn't sure what colors I would play with and if I could make it work... BUT!!! Before I tell you everything else, let me tell you why I'm blabbing...

Bundle Monster sent me two (2) stampers to play with, and image plates!  

A background on my stamping:  I only started stamping about 3/4 of a year ago. LOL!!  And I wasn't full time on it.  I stamped here and there because my friends were so into it.  I didn't want to be left behind (but my stamping ability was!!!), so I worked with what I had and tried to improve.

Wait, wait.  I'll show you what I was working on:

It was great that Bundle Monster gave me stampers in two different colors!   You see, when I was starting with my stamping, I only had a white stamper.  When I wanted to use a white stamping polish, I got cross-eyed.  So the photo above shows you a silver stamping polish and the difference of the image on the stampers with different colors.  MY PROBLEM IS SOLVED!  (Thank you, Bundle Monster!)

The image at the bottom of BM-605 was what I wanted to try first.  I was imagining all kinds of color combination because of the geometric shape.  

I have to admit, I tried a couple of times before my final nail art.

Here, I'll share with you the nail fail:

I wanted to use a Pixie Dust as base, but it didn't turn out too nice.  

So here, I decided to use a white base and this is how it turned out:

I have to admit, I liked it.  I used Lofes White Polish as base, also P2 Artful for the green, a black stamping polish, Quo by Orly Neon Orange and Neon Pink, and China Glaze Sweet Hook.

Okay, maybe I don't just "like" this mani, I'm actually quite proud of it.  It's my first successful advanced stamping ever!  I usually crease my decals and they always turn out so dirty, plus the image gets wrinkled.  This one was good!  The plate and stampers were great because I got the image whole.  I swear, this rarely happens!  
The stampers were quite hard to touch, which gave me the impression that they were going to be hard to use, but I was proved wrong.
The image plate was just perfect.  The images were etched nicely, it's hard to go wrong with it.
I'm really excited to get some more Bundle Monster plates!  They recently just launched their Secret Garden plates!  (And you know I'm waiting for my purchase in the mail!)
Please follow Bundle Monster on their Instagram, or go check out their website!
Ciao, Loves!

Sunday, March 22, 2015

ZoyaPH offers Zoya Delight Collection + More!

Hi, Ladies!

I'm back with some eye-candies for you!!

I recently got hold of this Zoya Delight Collection, and I was ecstatic!  I was so excited to show it to my daughter and do nail art with her.  Well, as a mom, I feel safer to use 5-Free polish with my not-so-baby daughter, and Zoya offers this.  Zoya is actually a brand that's known to be vegan-friendly, free of Dibutyl Phthalate, Toluene, Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin, and Camphor (Whew! That was a mouthful!).  This is safe for women with sensitive skin and allergies.  Oh, and also for pregnant women!  

Now, most "vegan-friendly" polishes are safe but doesn't last more than a couple of days.  I have tried Zoya and its extended wear formula makes it last up to a week on my nails.  (Of course, a week on my nails is just accidental, busy-busy week.) But really, it does hold up to its claim.

I just recently found out that Eiskin Laboratories, Inc. is the exclusive distributor of Zoya Professional Nail Lacquers in the Philippines.  It is great that salon owners and nail artists alike, can access the latest offers from them.  They have their Zoya Philippines Facebook Page and ZoyaPH Instagram Account if you want to follow them to find out what's hot and new in the nail community.

Enough chatting and let me show you my swatches.

Zoya Leslie is a soft lavender with some soft metallic turquoise shimmer in it. I love that Leslie makes my nails look cleaner and whiter than the other colors from this collection. I stamped Born Pretty BP-20 image on it, using Models Own Chrome Mauve. 

Zoya Rayne is a dewy blue with soft metallic turquoise shimmer in it.  This color reminds me of the hot-right-now Cinderella dress.  I stamped Born Pretty BP-08 image on it, using Models Own Chrome Pink. 

Zoya Daisy is a lemon yellow with soft metallic turquoise shimmer in it.  I don't usually go for this kind of yellows, but Daisy is a keeper!  I stamped Born Pretty BP-02 image on it with a black stamping polish.

Zoya Tiana is a spring green creme that reminds me of, well, Tiana! :)  I stamped Pueen SE04A on the accent, colored in with Eden, Daisy, Leslie and Lillian.

Zoya Lillian is a spring blue creme.  I find that it's perfect as a base for any spring mani.  I used the rest of the Delight Collection colors for the flowers to see if the colors would go well together, and it did!
Zoya Eden is a darker spring pink creme and is the easiest to use among all these colors.  I splattered the rest of the colors into my accent nails and loved how it turned out.

These swatches were done in two coats for the cremes and Leslie, three coats for Rayne and Daisy.  All of them were topped with Seche Vite.

Here's another look on all colors together:

If you knew me well, you'd know for sure that I like the cremes better.  So my favorite color in this collection is---TIANA! Did you guess right?  How about you? What did you like best?
Please do me a favor and follow ZOYAPH on Instagram and Facebook!  THANK YOU!!

P.S.  I painted the Delight Collection skittles-swatch style on Z (my daughter) and she's been sporting her mani for 5 days now.  She just refuses to pose for me.  (IKR? Picture or it didn't happen!!)


Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Born Pretty Store Black Stamping Polish

Hi there, Ladies!

I'm back!    I got a Black Stamping Polish (Item No. 1324) from Born Pretty Store to be reviewed.   

Here's how it went:

 I know, I know, not perfect, eh?  I posted this on purpose.  I wanted to show you guys how I did with the first try.  If you noticed, on my pinkie, the image didn't catch on too well.  That was because I was too slow grabbing it.  The ring finger was sort of the same. But with the middle finger, I was really quick, and the image caught on whole. 

I must say, this stamping polish is really opaque, and compared to most stamping polishes I own, I find that this was fairly easy to use.  I have used some that aren't as opaque, and some that are really, really hard to grab from the plate.  

I like that even after I stored it for a long time (a month), the polish was still fresh.  I was able to use MDU stamping polish and the enamel separates from whatever other compositions it has.  And to be able to use it (MDU), I have to vigorously shake the bottle.  This BPS one is a refresher!
As you can see, the polish also didn't bleed after putting on top coat.  So I love that about it.

Give me some more time and I will be able to perfect using this polish.  Hopefully, I will be able to update this blog entry and show you. :) 

UPDATE: As promised, here's another try on the stamping polish!  (Pardon the smudge on the pointer, I accidentally rubbed it onto something after I put the top coat.)   I think this polish and I are going to have a beautiful relationship :) I like it, I like it.  

This item is 6ml and costs $4.99, but with my Coupon Code: WNNX31, you get 10% off!

Talk to you ladies soon!



Sunday, February 1, 2015

How To Gain More Followers On Your Nail IG

Hi, Ladies!

It's been a long time!  I don't know if I'm back for good, but I will try!

I don't have a huge amount of followers on Instagram, but I was asked how I gained mine.  So here are some tips I can share:

1.)  Do use your best nail art as your profile pic.  Let's be honest, only a well-presented default picture gets a second look.

screenshot credit to @maespiritu_artofnail

 2.)  Do pick an interesting IG name.  Make it something easy to remember, something "you".  Refrain from using numbers in between letters because it comes off as spammy.  No one will trust a @133tty_c00p312nailz vs. @BettyCooperNails

3.)  Do fill out your bio.  Say something interesting about you and your IG.  This will keep your IG visitors on your page.

 screenshot credit to @mininailblog
4.)  Do take a clear picture of your nails.  Use proper lighting.  Use photo-enhancing apps.  Nobody wants to visit any IG page with blurry pictures.


5.)  Do trim your nails to the same length.  I don't find it attractive when one nail is cut short and the rest are kept long.  It's just wrong.  But this is just a personal opinion.  If your nails are neat and clean, it will attract more visitors to your page.

6.) Do clean your cuticles and hydrate before taking photos.  Same reason as above. 

7.)  Do make it about others, too.  Visit other pages, and leave likes and comments as you feel like.  Be reminded though, to always be polite and never leave rude comments.  And also remember that there's a thin line between liking / commenting and spamming.  Be sincere with your likes and comments.   Always bear in mind that IG nail artists have their own lives, too, so never ever demand anything from them.  Ask nicely and you shall receive.

8.)  Do  join in nail art challenges (@californails, @nailsby_redkoletz, @missbellatracey, @nailitmag hold them montly), ask your friends to do bestie nails or mani swaps.  Make sure when you do collabs, you are able to meet deadlines.

9.)  Do not fill your IG page with giveaway photos.  Pick the contests / giveaways you like best and support.

10.)  Do not  overuse hashtags.  

11.) Do make an interesting caption as well.  Nothing makes me hit the "follow" button more than an engaging caption.  This shows that you are not a robot.

12.)  Do credit when you recreate or repost.  Simply "not erasing" a watermark and not tagging means you are giving credit.  Please make sure to tag who inspired you.  There is no 'big' or 'small' artist that doesn't need recognition for their work.  It is also different when you put credits in your caption and in the comments section.  Always put credits in caption.  Most artists have their own hashtag if you want them to see your work.

13.)  Do not spam other accounts by commenting "F4F", "S4S", "Please check out my account", "Please help me gain followers".  This will only get you blocked by other accounts and lessen your chance of being seen by people that matters.

14.)  Do not follow to unfollow.  This will also get you blocked.  Most IG users check.

15.)  Do not send private group messages to people you don't know!  Do not beg for shoutouts and likes.  This is even worse than commenting spam messages.

16.)  Do post regularly.  Most followers unfollow if they get a feeling that you are not active.  This way you can also practice your skills (in doing nail art, in capturing a great photo, etc.) 

I gained my followers in a span of a year.  One does not gain them overnight.  Make time for your account.  Be patient, you WILL get there.