Monday, October 19, 2015

Picture Polish Wanderlust, New York, Arabian and Big Bang

Hi, Ladies!!

I finished last month's challenge, but wasn't able to post it here.  I'm so sorry.  I'm just too lazy.  I feel like nobody visits this page anyway.  They're all on instagram.

Buuuut, I'm so excited to share with you swatches of the new Picture Polish collab collection!  I am always so happy to see the collab line because I try to imagine what color a nail artist will come up with,  and they ALWAYS, ALWAYS come up with something awesome (my mind doesn't give the colors justice. LOL!).

These 4 colors I chose are from people I look up to.  

Here's one from Didoline.

It's Arabian--a Christmas red with little specks of gold, silver and metallic red glitters.  It's a rich color, really opaque. I love how elegant it is alone.  I imagine using this for parties, Christmas or New Year's!  

Here, I added an image from Cici and Sisi plate 03.  I wanted the stamping to be really subtle so I do not ruin the lovely color. 

Now, next one is from Color4Nails.

 New York is a little mauve-y, kind of old rose-y pink, with silver tiny glitters.  It is very, very elegant.  I'm thinking of getting myself a back-up bottle for this because I'm foreseeing a very used NY bottle in the next few months.  This color can be paired with ANYTHING!  Wear it at parties, work, home, you name it.

I just added some colored studs to decorate this mani, I didn't really want to over-do it. :) 

From La NPA Mouton / Faustgil, it's Big Bang. 

I had to use three (3) coats for this, and you can still see some of my nail bed.  It is a pretty purple color with a lot of colored glitters.  I like it, too, but not as much as the rest of the lot.  Probably because of it being a 3-coater.  I hate to 3-coat polishes.  :(  

And in my mind, this design will be awesome, but I totally forgot I had a dark base, and didn't put white underneath the other colors. Sucks for me.   Can you even see the design??? UGH.

Lastly, Wanderlust by NailDecor.

This probably isn't an everyday color, but this is my most favorite among the four colors that I got.  I can't help it, I'm a neon baby.  This is super neon pink, with a lot of scattered silver glitters.  It's a beaut!!  Of course, I expected this from Nail Decor! <3

And I had to tame it down with a little stamping or else I'm gonna blind every single one of you, and myself. :) 

I'm wishing I bought the other colors that came along with the collection, but maybe next time.

I got these babies from Polish Please PH.  Polish Please is my favorite, favorite store of them all because they always have the latest stocks and they offer almost all indies I want!!  And not to mention, every transaction is a breeze.  Thank you, Polish Please!

Thank you, Picture Polish for such exciting colors and collections!  Looking forward to the next ones!  **Picture Polish is a 5-free Australian brand.  

**All manis except Big Bang were 2 coats with HK Girl Top Coat**


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