Saturday, November 7, 2015

Doctor Lacquer Scubaloha Collection

Hi there, Ladies!

I'm back with some exciting swatches and simple nail art designs for the Doctor Lacquer Scubaloha Collection!  I got myself the Full Set which are 16.5 ml for each bottle, consisting of 8 (yes, EIGHT) amazing Glow in the Dark Neon / Pastel Neon colors!! They sell for $79.99 for the whole collection, which if you ask me, is a steal for that price.  But they also have an option for medium-sized sets, with the same 8 colors at 10.5 ml each for $57.99.  So, before I reveal everything I have to say about this collection, please check out my swatches and designs below. (Disclaimer: I have mentioned that this collection is gitd, but I apologize, I have yet to practice my gitd picture-taking abilities, so no posts on that here.)

First off is Nohu.  I swatched this color first because coral is my most favorite color of all (especially neons).

This is a rich pastel neon coral color.  I did 3 easy coats on this just to be sure.

And because this was my first swatch, I failed so badly with the photography.  I stamped on a BPS 024 image using MDU Spring Green.  This is really lovely IRL.  The image was sharp, the colors were a great combination of each other, but since these were too bright for the camera, it couldn't focus well.   I had to apply a matte top coat even though Nohu finished an even more beautiful semi-matte / satin.  IMO, I failed Doctor Lacquer so badly with this picture.  (I also tried putting a glossy top coat on, but it was even more painful to the eye.)

Hinalea Lauwili is a rich pastel neon green color.   I find it really refreshing to the eye. 

I also did 3 easy coats to achieve this.

This time, I stamped a Konad image on, with a local (or maybe Chinese) polish, but topped with Seche Vite.  And then I realized I liked Doctor Lacquer's finish best but it was too late.

Lau'i Pala is a pastel yellow color that looks like it gitd even in daylight, if you get what I mean.

This was 3 easy coats as well.

And because "Scubaloha", I stamped a Cici and Sisi image on it.  I used MDU 49 polish for this and I fell so in love.  You know that feeling when you give birth and see your child as the prettiest thing on Planet Earth?  That's the feeling I got for this. No humility AT ALL.  I wore this for 3 days, I think.  THREE. WHOLE. DAYS.  That almost never happens to me.  Ok, I'm gushing. Sorry.  On to the next one.

Omilu is a pastel blue that's said to glow strongest and longest.

Also 3 easy coats.  Do you get the pattern yet? :) 

And the attempt to do an advanced / multiple stamping design just didn't do it.  I'm sorry.  These were from plates my friend lent me (all dupes).  Those are merfolks there, if you can't tell. 

Lau Wiliwili is a pastel yellow color that still glows.  If I may say so myself, it looks a little orangey in some angles.  I love it.

You guessed it.  3 coats.

Stamped an image from Cici and Sisi again, using MDU 30 polish.  I dunno, the stamping polish needed a lot more shaking than what I did, so pardon this.  Had a great future to it though.  

I saved Kumu for last.

This was 2 coats.  Rich pastel neon pink that reminded me of...

Yes, Barbie.  I used Faburnails Fun 12 image plate for this.  (Don't forget my discount code: "Tinseltownnails" for 10% off all items!)

Oh wait.  I had trouble with the grittier Uhu Uliuli so I didn't swatch it alone.  I did this with Lauhau:

It took me days to finish this mani.  Kidding.  I loved the random colored glitters and thought it worked perfectly well with Uhu Uliuli.

To cap this blogpost, I'd want to stress how much I love this collection.  I was disappointed with another popular brand's pastel neon collection, but Doctor Lacquer met all expectations!  This wins it for me.  I hope this collection doesn't ever get discontinued because I'm thinking I might need another whole one in the next year or two.

If you want to know more detailed descriptions and more blog posts about this, please head on to Doctor Lacquer and look for "Scubaloha Collection", Angelyn has everything on there.  





  1. This collection's colors are GORGEOUS! Pastels - but instead of washed-out, feeble pastels, these colors are rich & luscious.

    Wouldn't have known about 'Doctor Lacquer' if I hadn't run into your nail blog on ZOYA's site. I'm so glad I found it, & am now following your blog. Thanks!

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