Monday, January 18, 2016

Essie Retro Revival 3 of 6: Birthday Suit, Cabana Boy and Starry Starry Night

Hi there, everyone!

I have been out for so long.  I haven't felt like writing anything at all since the last time I did.  I've been active on IG as usual, but not on here (AS USUAL.)  In fact, I'm feeling kind of lazy right now.  I have a lot on my mind, but I'm escaping it by writing this.

I bought half of Essie's Retro Revival just to be able to swatch it.  When my friend Selina (from and I were talking about this collection, I swore to her I wouldn't buy a single bottle.  But curiosity got the best of me...and addiction, of course.  I got my polishes from Polish Please.

Birthday Suit here took me 4 thin coats.  It was watery and streaky, so I had difficulty with it.   I was surprised to see this lovely outcome after the 4th coat because I was losing all hope after the 3rd.  I thought I was gonna throw this bottle away from disappointment.  I can hardly say I'm happy with it, but I know this is something I'm keeping for the rare times I'm feeling delicate.  This shade is really good for work or weddings, if you're interested.

Cabana Boy was something that I knew I would like, and it did not disappoint, with just 3 thin coats.   It wasn't too hard to work with, compared to Birthday Suit.  It has a slight silver shimmer to it, so it's really unique.  I haven't had any shade like this before.

I only bought Starry Starry Night because everyone was nuts about it.  I wanted to compare to Zoya's Dream, too.  I'm sad to say this falls short of expectation.  It does build up nicely, but is probably a 7 or 8 out of a perfect 10 score.

Here are some stamping I did with these shades:

I hope you guys have a good one!  I'm hitting the sack.



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