Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Apharsec Nail Stamping

Hi, Ladies!

How have you been doing?  As usual, I am not always on here because I'm ALWAYS on Instagram (except, Instagram is starting to eff us over with their new algo-sh*thm).

I would like to share with you a new nail art stamping system called APHARSEC.  If you wish to check them out on Instagram, here:  Apharsec IG.   It was founded by Hila Raanan from the UK. 

Hila was extremely patient with me during my first attempts to use her stamping system.

First, let me show you how the packaging looks like.

I was ecstatic upon receiving my nail mail, and even more when I opened it.  The boxes looked like ones from eyeshadows / blushes.  They are all artsy and colorful, expressing the boldness and versatility of the system.  I swear, I kept all the boxes afterwards.

You may check their website or Instagram accounts to see videos on how to use their stampers.

At first I had difficulty using it because I was so used to the traditional stamping plates, where you put polish, scrape fast, pick up the image and stamp it on.  I found that I had to unlearn the usual technique to be able to make Apharsec work for me.  I had to put stamping polish on the stamper, scrape it on to paper (making sure the paper is flattened or else the polish wouldn't scrape off whole), and then WAIT until the polish is dried before transferring the image to my nails.

I haven't had the chance to use multiple colors in my nail art as I still have to practice more of this system.

Here are two of my nail art samples:

This was using Apharsec 5 and Q30 (picture above).  And the other one using Apharsec 3 and 10 (below). 

I loved how the images sent to me are so retro.  I have a lot of manis on my mind, I haven't been successful in translating them into actual nail art yet.  Please wait for them soon on my Instagram account (@tinseltownnails).

So far, I find that I need to do a LOT more practice before I can perfect this technique, but compared to traditional stamping, this is more on-the-go.  Light weight because all you need to bring is this rubber stamp vs. plate, scraper, stamper.  

A stamp costs £7.99 though, so it might be pricey for most.  Buuuuut, good news is, shipping is free for UK, so better hurry, grab that and try one!   It IS exciting to learn something new!




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