Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Seche Premier Colour Lacquer

Hi, Ladies!

How have you been?  I'm back to review a new gel-type system from Seche.  Honestly, I don't understand the fuss about gel-like polishes.  I find that they are a little more glossy than your regular nail polish, but that's it.  

So for this post, I want to tell you that I may change my mind about gel-like systems.  I have been given the whole 3-step package to try.  

1.  Base:  And I thought it was our normal base coat.  I applied it as I usually would--all five fingers, then return to see if it has dried.  After a couple or so minutes, the base was still sticky!!  But that was how it was supposed to be.  They say it has "adhesives and plasticizers  to secure lacquer to all nail types for long lasting finish." 

2.  Lacquer:  I layered my lacquers right after I found out the base was not gonna dry normally.  The lacquers went on like butter on my nails.  They were all easy to apply and were self-leveling.  I had no problem with streaking or glooping.  All of them were opaque in two coats.

3.  Sealant:  On my first attempt, I found that the brush was a little unruly.  I was told to just clean it with polish remover, and it fixed itself.  This top coat sealed my polish and nail art really nicely.  It gave the mani the shine that I wanted, and it also dried instantly.  The Seche brand did not disappoint. 

This looks really promising.  I have done 3 designs using 3 different colors.  Here they are:

Seche Sassy
Seche Candid
Seche Intrepid
Overall, I love the colors that I got, and how easily I can apply them. I like that I haven't seen the same colors in their regular Seche polishes, so I have a wider array of hues to choose from.  For now, they have 72 different shades.  I'm also happy about the new bottles--very unique, and a breeze to store.  I also love that the bottles indicate the 3-step process , making it easier to use.  The price is very reasonable, nothing too expensive.
I will update you ladies on how long this mani lasts me. I usually don't wear the same polish / nail art more than 3 days.  I'm hoping this one doesn't chip easily! :)  Come back for the update in a week!
Get your collection from Beauty Kingdom. (6th floor, 168 mall.  Contact number: (632) 7083913.)




  1. How was this polish after few days? any update? :) I'm using Seche but the old packaging, not sure yet if they got a better formula this time. please let me know :)

    1. totally forgot to update this! my mani lasted a whole week, with the slightest chipping on the sides as my nails are really square. had to take it off on the 8th day because I was getting soooooo bored with the same mani :( sorry I can't do a longer trial than that.

  2. I was about to ask on how long it lasted and 8 days is pretty amazing.