Tuesday, May 27, 2014

I Couldn't Help It. I Fell In Love With Morgan Taylor.

Hi, Ladies!

I'm back!  Remember when I first tried Morgan Taylor polish from Beauty Kingdom and fell in love with it?  Well, I couldn't help but buy a few more bottles when I went back to 168 last week.

I promise I tried (at least I did) to avoid the glitter polishes but maaaan, it was too hard.  But good thing is, I also got a couple of creme bottles to try.

 So, this one is a gorgeous lavender color that dries semi-matte, and it's called "Invitation Only".  The square crystal studs are also from the store.  

 This little baby turquoise bottle here, is hard to find.  I tell you, weeks before going to the store, I messaged the Boss to reserve a bottle for me, and he said he didn't have it.  When I got to the store, I looked at his swatch book to check out colors that I wanted, and didn't see this.  But looking at the actual stock rack, I came across this baby, alone, without a name in the book, and wanting a mommy. I HAD TO TAKE IT IN. I had to.  I loved it the first time I saw it on Morgan Taylor's Instagram Account.  You better believe I teared a little when I held it in my hand.  "Lost In Paradise" (but it was, literally, in that polish rack)

 "Best Dressed" is a frosted red that shifts a little gold and a little orange.  Perfect for a formal night out, as the name suggests. The gold ribbon accent was also from the store.  

 "J'adore My Mani" looked similar to "Best Dressed" in the bottle, but I had to take them both home to try, and only to find out that this one is a deep fuchsia glitter that is both sweet and elegant.  How can I not love them all?
"Sweetest Thing" indeed.  This reminded me of OPI's limited Katy Perry edition "Teenage Dream" with its pink and holographic glitters.  
Last but definitely not the least, "Fame Game" is a holographic glitter polish.  I recreated thejuiceboxlacquer's rose-tipped mani for this swatch.  This is a one-coater but is so magical.
To cap it off, Morgan Taylor is definitely worth all the love I give it.  The colors are all easy to apply, plus I like that the brush is a little hard but dense (it doesn't split from the bunch, if you know what I mean).  My only regret with the trip I made was that I ONLY GOT SIX BOTTLES when I could've gotten more.  I mean for the SRP of 408, and get 30% discount from the Boss???  GO GRAB YOURSELF MORE THAN A COUPLE.  Tell the Boss you deserve that 30% discount, but hurry because I don't know when the promo ends!

All these manis were finished with Seche Vite, of course, also from the store.  And all items were purchased using my own money.  (Well, I wish I could get freebies next time, Boss, eh?) <--Lol, kidding.

Oh, and PS? I couldn't pick a favorite because I love them all equally.

Ciao, Carabao!


Thursday, May 15, 2014

Work-Appropriate Nudes and Pinks

Hi,  Ladies!
I'm going to try to blog using my phone today.  Let's see how clean this blog can get.
I have a few work-appropriate colors from OPI here for you.
First off: Otherwise Engaged.  This was 3 thin coats of a very light pink with bluish shimmer.   I actually don't see the shimmer much after application, although the bottle seemed like it had.  I can totally see this one being used as a base color for some special-occasion-French.

And then, here are Hopelessly in Love (pinky & ring) and Coney Island Cotton Candy (middle & index):

Hopelessly in Love is a rather creme-y Peach nude.  I used 3 coats for this, and it was a tad streaky, so be careful to use thin ones when using it.  Coney Island Cotton Candy is a sheer peach. Clean after 3 thin coats. 

I swatched them beside each other because I thought they looked so much the same from the bottle. That's CICC on the left, and HIL on the right.  Well, this picture doesn't really show how similar they look in person, but you know what I mean. :) 

This is (L-R) Dulce de Leche, Barefoot in Barcelona, DdL, BiB.

Two coats of Dulce de Leche made it even more obvious that it is the lighter of the two.  In the bottle, it had a slight hint of silver shimmer but did not show after application.  Barefoot in Barcelona is the darker kind-of old rose-y nude color, 2 coats in. 

Again, I took a shot of them side-by-side because the colors looked similar from the bottle. That's Barefoot in Barcelona on the left, Dulce de Leche on the right.

Ok, here I do not think they look the same but just wanted to swatch them beside each other: It's A Girl and Hawaiian Orchid.

This was 3 thin coats of It's A Girl, a sheer baby pink.  And then 2 coats of Hawaiian Orchid which was a pink with blue-toned shimmer.

Cosmo-not Tonight Honey! is a gold-toned frosted nude color.  This was 2 coats, easy application!  I don't think you can go wrong with this!

2 coats of Chicago Champagne Toast showed that it's a pinkish-red chrome color.  It was opaque in 1 coat but I had to put another layer to smoothen out my strokes.  Make sure you have clean, buffed nails when using this color because it emphasizes your nail bed's imperfection.

And lastly, Taupe-less Beach is, what else? A taupe-y nude that's super easy to apply, really opaque in 2 coats.

All the swatches were made without top coat. 

I hope this helps you pick a few colors for work!  So, what's your favorite?

Love you long time,


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Sunday, May 11, 2014


Hi, Ladies! 

I haven't been blogging for a long time and I have only excuses to make.   I'm sorry.

I sure have a lot of plans on what to blog about, but right now my hands are full (for the month of May), with a lot of birthdays here and there (including my husband's), so I will apologize for the rest of the days coming.

Here are some of the nail art designs I created and recreated while I was gone:

 This one I did in a rush.  I work at a nail spa and I had to do an easter egg mani, so this is what I came up with.  I totally forgot what colors I used, but the dots and lines were acrylic paint, so...
 And this one is a solo shot of my bestie twin nails with @hotmomsnailarts.  I used Zoya Pippa for the yellow, and then some Lofes: Korean brand polish for the other 3 colors, plus acrylic paint.  This was inspired by @NonaPhilippa on IG.

 This is another solo shot of another bestie twin nails I did with My Labs, Ada, AKA @galaxystar7 this time. :) This mani was inspired by @mllrdesign.  I used Essie Sugar Daddy for the base, and then China Glaze Bottoms Up, Orly Melt Your Popsicle and Glowsticks for the feathers.  This is our first pond manicure. :)
 This mani I recreated from @stormandstars.  I used Orly Liquid Vinyl and then acrylic paint for the rest.
 This mani was inspired by my favorite @jauntyjuli.  I used Essie Boom Boom Room for the pink, Lofes for the white, and acrylic paint for the rest.

 Lastly, a solo shot of my bestie triplet nails with Ada @galaxystar7 and Bea @beabarretto. This mani was inspired by @youngwildandpolished.  I used Color Club Ruby Slippers, Lofes White, Orly Black Vinyl, Sephora By OPI Pushing Your Luck. 

How boring.  I hope I will be able to blog about something informative soon. Tsk.

See you all next time!