Thursday, May 15, 2014

Work-Appropriate Nudes and Pinks

Hi,  Ladies!
I'm going to try to blog using my phone today.  Let's see how clean this blog can get.
I have a few work-appropriate colors from OPI here for you.
First off: Otherwise Engaged.  This was 3 thin coats of a very light pink with bluish shimmer.   I actually don't see the shimmer much after application, although the bottle seemed like it had.  I can totally see this one being used as a base color for some special-occasion-French.

And then, here are Hopelessly in Love (pinky & ring) and Coney Island Cotton Candy (middle & index):

Hopelessly in Love is a rather creme-y Peach nude.  I used 3 coats for this, and it was a tad streaky, so be careful to use thin ones when using it.  Coney Island Cotton Candy is a sheer peach. Clean after 3 thin coats. 

I swatched them beside each other because I thought they looked so much the same from the bottle. That's CICC on the left, and HIL on the right.  Well, this picture doesn't really show how similar they look in person, but you know what I mean. :) 

This is (L-R) Dulce de Leche, Barefoot in Barcelona, DdL, BiB.

Two coats of Dulce de Leche made it even more obvious that it is the lighter of the two.  In the bottle, it had a slight hint of silver shimmer but did not show after application.  Barefoot in Barcelona is the darker kind-of old rose-y nude color, 2 coats in. 

Again, I took a shot of them side-by-side because the colors looked similar from the bottle. That's Barefoot in Barcelona on the left, Dulce de Leche on the right.

Ok, here I do not think they look the same but just wanted to swatch them beside each other: It's A Girl and Hawaiian Orchid.

This was 3 thin coats of It's A Girl, a sheer baby pink.  And then 2 coats of Hawaiian Orchid which was a pink with blue-toned shimmer.

Cosmo-not Tonight Honey! is a gold-toned frosted nude color.  This was 2 coats, easy application!  I don't think you can go wrong with this!

2 coats of Chicago Champagne Toast showed that it's a pinkish-red chrome color.  It was opaque in 1 coat but I had to put another layer to smoothen out my strokes.  Make sure you have clean, buffed nails when using this color because it emphasizes your nail bed's imperfection.

And lastly, Taupe-less Beach is, what else? A taupe-y nude that's super easy to apply, really opaque in 2 coats.

All the swatches were made without top coat. 

I hope this helps you pick a few colors for work!  So, what's your favorite?

Love you long time,


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  1. Hindi ko alam kung okay yung first comment ko. Haha. Anyway, ang ganda ng Hopelessly in Love and Dulce de Leche. :) hihi.

    1. Me, too! (Hopelessly in Love and Taupe-less Beach! :)