Sunday, June 14, 2015

More Bundle Monster Images

Hi, Ladies!

I am sooo notorious for NOT blogging. Ugh.  I hate myself #killmenow.

I do have a couple of images here to show you from two of Bundle Monster image plates.

Above is an image from BM-410.  I used the reverse-stamping technique to achieve this.  The polishes were Misslyn Post It and Tony Moly PT05.  I wasn't too happy with the outcome so I had to do it again:
Do you like this second mani better than the first?  I think so, too.  It was a breeze getting the image from the plate because the etchings were deep and thick.  I also loved coloring the spaces in between since they were fairly big.  Even a newbie stamper will have an easy time using this plate.
The whole BM-410 plate was tribal-/aztec- themed.
Here is another mani, this time using BM-602:

The base colors were Sally Hansen Red Snapper, Diana Manicure 06 (blue) and The Face Shop YL703.  
I had a hard time picking up the images from this plate because they were fine.  I had to do 5x each finger to be able to get the whole image perfectly.  I initially planned on doing reverse-stamping on this, but decided against it after trying to color the very fine image.  You guessed it, the colors were all over the place.  I just couldn't do it.  So I decided on this simple stamping for this mani.  I liked the outcome though.  Despite the rough time I had (not really, I'm just exaggerating) picking the image up, I liked how dainty the images look on my nails.  If you are an advanced stamper, get this plate!!
I hope you liked the manis I did and the opinions I gave regarding the plates.  Let me know if you have any more questions!

(All manis were topped with Seche Vite)

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