Monday, March 31, 2014

Bestie and Another

So, my fellow Filipinails member, Aiza Mamales, proposed a bestie with anyone and I grabbed the opportunity.  She made me choose the design we were going to recreate, and I stumbled upon Autumn Nicole @justagirlandhernails' watercolor mani.  We agreed to do it right away! 

Here's Aiza's (@icelovesnailpolish) solo shot:

And here's mine:

Obviously, I didn't do too well again, because the "watercolored" flower looked abstract. Lol!  

I used China Glaze's Bottoms Up (pink), Skinfood BW704 (white), and acrylic paint.

Anyway, here's the bestie mani collaged:

Thanks again, Aiza, for doing this with me.  I am honored to be doing nail art with such an awesome nail artist as you.

Aaaaand because I am an insomniac, I was just staring into my computer and went ahead and did another stamping.  You will laugh so hard because I didn't bother re-doing / covering the failed parts.

Tadaaaaa! I was inspired by my computer. Tsk.

So I used Revlon's Posh for the green, OPI's Golden Rules!, Crystal brand black polish, and BK white polish + the Bundle Monster BM-415 plate (Thanks again, Mae Espiritu.)  I had better be practicing 28,000 more times to be able to perfect the stamping technique.  And I need all your tips as to what polishes work well for stamping.  The OPI was the best I could come up with.  I tried Essie's Penny Talk but it dried up too fast the stamper couldn't get the image.  Sparitual's Gold Digger wasn't opaque enough.

Oh well, that's it for today!  Have a good start to your April!

Love you long time, 


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