Sunday, March 30, 2014

Quick Water Decal Mani

Hey girls!

I can't seem to stop thinking about work. Ugh, tomorrow's Monday and I have tons of stuff to do.  It's already about 2AM, and to stop stressing, I decided to swatch a couple of the OMG polish.  

OMG is readily available anywhere here in the Philippines (Hortaleza, any big Department Store / drug store) ranging from P19-P30.  I got mine for P23 each at Metro Dept Store in Marquee Mall, Pampanga.  I am not even kidding, they have the biggest OMG collection there, I flipped.

These are Banana Boat and First Date.  The colors remind me of ice cream.  The formulation's great!  They dry quickly, too!  Not bad for some cheap polish!  

According to my friend Mariel @hotmomsnailarts, these are great to use for water marbling!  (Check her IG out, she makes awesome water marbling and gradient manis.) 

And because I suck at water marbling, I decided to use water decals to decorate my swatches.  I got these from 168 mall for about P15.  It's actually my first time to try them out, so, again, I apologize if the decal creased on me.  Hopefully, after more practice, I can show you ladies some good nail art.

I guess I need to sign out now and face Monday.  Hope you have yourselves a great week!

Love you long time,

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