Friday, March 28, 2014

Stamping: The Sinagtala Experience

Hi, Ladies!  

I asked a little help from my friend, Mae of and started my own nail blog.  We were up at the Sinagtala Farm Resort and Retreat Park in Orani, Bataan for a quick meet-up with Mia of  These two are a couple of the most awesome Filipina (represent!) nail artists I know.  I was so lucky to be able to spend time with them and get tips about nail art, photo editing, etc. 

But enough chitty-chat.

Here is a picture of a rushed leadlight stamping technique shown to me by the Master of Nail Stamping (Mae).

Pardon the job that I made here because we were busy catching up about life.  I didn't notice how badly I was holding her Anna Sui bottle until I posted this picture on my instagram account.

And so now, I'm back home, trying out this blogging thing.  I also tried to do some of my own stamping (the supposed easy, regular one, without special techniques) but I failed so horribly by putting on top coat while my special polish was still wet (thus, the bleeding.)

 I promise to try harder and better next time. I'm too exhausted to even think now. (Excuses...)

Love you long time,

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