Sunday, April 13, 2014

Morgan Taylor at Beauty Kingdom

Hi, Ladies!

I'm on a high! Both on our Champ, Manny Pacquiao's win over Timothy Bradley... and my NOTD.  Let me tell you a story...

I always buy my nail polish and nail art stuff from Beauty Kingdom.  When the owner told me last year that he was having Morgan Taylor polish in his store, I was like, "mehhh."  I mean, I have heard and seen Morgan Taylor polish around  Instagram, but I never thought it was anything special.  So the day the owner announced MT's arrival at his store, I bought one bottle to try.

 That one was "State of Mind."  And I loved it when I tried it on.  It was black with a dense blue, pink, purple, silver and (I think) gold glitters.  It was so easy to apply.  Like I keep on saying (on my instagram, I think), I am not a huge fan of glitters because I feel like it's too hassle to put on and take out.  But with some really dense glitters that sparkles like the night sky, and easy to put on at that, I would gladly take time to take it out after I wear it.  This is what makes it worth it.

And now, a month after, I went back to Beauty Kingdom.  I said to myself, "Ok, maybe I was lucky with the first bottle, I need to buy another one to make sure that Morgan Taylor is worth buying."  And so, I went home with only ONE more bottle. (Regrets now.)

This, my ladies, is "Make a Statement."  Oh, don't ask me why I got another bottle of glittered polish, but, maaaaan, this is really gorgeous!  Like the first one, it was dense, with purple, blue and pink glitters.  It also dries up really quickly so I don't need too much time to apply each coat.  This has 3 coats on, except for the ring which has a silver base (Tony Moly ME05), but really doesn't make a difference because the glitters cover up my whole nail bed.

They're selling for Php408 SRP.  The price is comparable to OPI, Essie, ORLY and Zoya.  You can probably ask for some discount from the owner because he is SUPER nice (I am not kidding.) If I'm not mistaken, only Beauty Kingdom carries this brand.  I am not even joking when I tell you that I so badly want to go back to shop the wide array of colors in the store.  I kind of regret not taking pictures of the babies displayed.  But the Beauty Kingdom Facebook page has pictures of swatches, if you're interested.  I definitely will go back for more bottles because I find that they are totally worth it.  

Beauty Kingdom is located at the 6th Floor of 168 mall, Unit 625. 

FYI, I am in no way sponsored to do this review/blog.  I am just one nail polish addict who fell in love with bottles of Morgan Taylor.  I will update soon as I get more bottles to try.
Love you long time,


  1. The colors you chose are very pretty... they look so nice on your nails :)

    1. Eeek! Thanks! I'm about to make another review on MT. I just fell in love.