Sunday, April 6, 2014

Gradient Tutorial, Guest Post by @hotmomsnailarts

Hello, Ladies!

I have here a gradient tutorial done by the (master of gradients) amazing @hotmomsnailarts!  

(1) Materials used from left is Nature Republic colorwaltz topcoat, Lofes Manicure in 648, Lofes Manicure in 644, Rhinestones, and sponge wedge. 

(2) After applying your base coat, apply two thin coats of the lighter color. 

(3) On the sponge wedge place the nail polish colors vertically. 

(4) Dab the sponge with the nailpolish over the nails with the lighter color. 

TIP: Make sure that the sponge is not too wet nor too dry. This is to ensure that the color will blend at the center. Once the sponge gets sticky make sure to apply another coat of polish in order for the sponge not to stick on the nails to have a seamless color. 

 (5) Clean the edges using a flat brush. 

 (6) Place the rhinestone of your choice. I used a square shaped purple rhinestone. 

(7) Finish off with top coat to seal the gradient and the rhinestone.

Please check out her IG account for all her awesome nail designs.

Thanks so much, Mariel, for doing this post for me.

Love you long time,


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