Saturday, April 5, 2014

A Kind-Of-Busy Saturday

Hi, Ladies!

I have been busy doing manis today.

Started my day by swatching OPI's Muppets World Tour over Orly's Dare to Bare:

I had a hard time painting Dare to Bare on my cinderella hand, plus the fact that I was rushing, but Muppets World Tour covered it all up.  It was such a magical bottle of white glitters with some silver, metallic blue and pink glitters here and there.  I tell you, I am not huge on glitter polishes because I always have a hard time scooping the glitters out.  This MWT (Muppets World Tour) though, the glitters just go with the brush.  It was so easy to apply, I feel like using this all the time (next time on a different base color, of course.)

And then I felt the need to swatch what my BFF Goddess Uy gave me as Christmas Gifts:

 These are Ruby Wing Electric Firefly (yellow) and Groupie (pink).  May I just say that I am soooooo in love with them???  Look at what it shows up as indoors (left picture) and then outdoors (right picture).  Isn't it just awesome?!  I mean, I have heard so much about Ruby Wing polishes but I have never thought of buying them because I never knew they had neons (sucker for neons here.)  So, from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU, Goddess!

Again, the indoor shot:

And the outdoor:

And then I was off to do a bestie mani with Ayabananna.  I asked her to design a mani for us to do, and she came up with this design, which frankly, was tiresome for me because I suck at striping tapes...BUT I am sooooo glad that Aya agreed to do one with me, so I had to make an effort to do it half as good as hers.  Thanks, again, Aya, for such a wonderful blue mani so apt for April being Autism Awareness Month.  Aya also did the collage for us, so I was mainly sitting lazily here.

Solo shot:

I used Korean brand Lofes #646 for the pinkie, Tony Moly ME05 for the silver, Essie  Borrowed and Blue for the lightest blue, Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Blue-Away, and then OPI Eurso Euro for the middle finger.  Bought the studs from a night market in Canada, but there are a lot of studs sellers online.  Seche Vite top coat, of course.

And after all that, I was able to do an easter mani, which turned out funny-looking.  I have zero (0) talent drawing anything, so I apologize for this:

 I just used Lofes #114 for the base because my Skin Food's retiring on me.  The rest are acrylic paints.  Seche Vite top coat.

WHEW!  I bored you, didn't I?

Enjoy your Sundays, everyone!

Love you long time, 


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