Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Revlon Parfumerie

Hi, Ladies!!
How's your week going?  Mine's not too good, but let's skip that.  
I have just very recently purchased Revlon Parfumerie polish from SM.   I know I'm a little bit late on this, because it has been out for months.  I keep on going back to The SM Store and Watson's, also PCX, and see these guys around but I never thought of getting them because I found that their colors are common, price was not too cheap, and the smell was overpowering from the bottle. But when my friend, @mcbnails  told me to check them out again because they're on sale, I went to SM soon as I could and got a few bottles to try.  
So they usually sell for Php325 a piece, but not they're selling them for 3 for Php780.  That's now Php260 a piece, giving you  Php65 savings per bottle.  Sweeeeeet deal, yeah?
Here's the first color:
Surf Spray:  This was actually the more unique color that I got, but I wasn't too fond of the smell because it reminded me of detergent.  But that was when I was smelling it from the bottle.  I soon found out that when applied to the nail, the smell becomes more pleasant, and I tend to smell it again and again. Lol.   This is a bluish purple satin-y frost.  It comes off sheer when applied, but I built it up to this in 3 coats.  

Ginger Melon:  A rosy creme pink that smells really tropical-fruity.  I thought this would be my favorite among the three colors and scents that I got, but this came in second.  Maybe because I have a lot of pinks and this doesn't strike me as anything special, except, of course, the smell.  The creme was easier to build than the previous Surf Spray, so I like it better that way. 

Apricot Nectar:  This came out my favorite among the three.  Maybe because it was season-appropriate, or maybe because it smelled flower-heavenly.  I loved the subtle scent it gave after putting it on.  It wasn't as easy to build as Ginger Melon because it was lighter in color, but overall, this made me want to go back to SM or Watson's to buy some more bottles to try.  (PCX doesn't have the same promo of 3 for 780, I already asked.)

Well, that's that.  I jumped in the bandwagon late, but I'm here, no turning back.  You can check my instagram @tinseltownnails to see if I did get some more of these guys. 
Have a good Holy Week!
Love you long time, 

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