Tuesday, June 3, 2014


Hi, Ladies!

How have you been?  Well, I thought I will be less busy this month, but seems like my calendar's filled to the end.

Here's a late post of the challenge I did with my group, #filipinails.  I was busy the whole month of May, so I could only do simple manis.

For the first challenge, it was #floral.

 This was inspired by @adelislebron.  I used Essie Go Ginza, which I got from Polish Please.

Then I had to do an #abstract design.  This is as abstract as I can get.  I am not very artistic, you see.  So I used a yellow base for this mani, and I apologize if I totally forgot which. (Either Zoya Pippa or the Tony Moly polish I have.) And then I used some random acrylic colors and used the toothbrush technique to kind of splatter the colors in. 

And, please, feel free to laugh at this #skyline mani.  Everyone else was doing Paris, or something romantic and I couldn't put myself into doing those.  I chose a Godzilla which turned out perfectly...like Barney. :((  
For the #inspiredby mani, I chose Ada 's leopard+swoosh mani.  I couldn't do her swoosh mani properly so please head on to her account to check her great nail art.  I used Lofes pink and blue for this.
I promise to take note of all the polish I use next time.  It's just that this #galaxy mani got me to bring out a lot of dark, light and glittering polishes that I wasn't able to track every one of them.  This is my 3rd (or 4th) galaxy nails ever.  I still need to practice some more to be able to perfect it.  That's Essie's Sparkle on Top I'm holding, in case you're interested, and got it from Polish Please.
And probably my least favorite technique, but absolutely my favorite mani from this challenge: #tape.  I used OPI's Neon Revolution for this. 

All manis used Seche Vite.

Wish you all a good June! Hopefully I can make more manis this month.

Love you long time,




  1. I love all the nail arts hun. You are very talented and imaginative ;) Thumbs up!!!