Friday, June 6, 2014

Recreation of ChalkboardNails Fuzzy Monster Mani

Hi, Ladies!

I will try to post once every time I make a mani, and not collect the bunch and then post them all together. 

Today, I ticked off a mani I've been meaning to recreate since I first saw it last year.  I screen-captured it because it was the cutest, most creative use of the feather/fuzzy polish.

I used Orly Beach Cruiser for the base.  And thank god, Chalkboard Nails used the textured fuzzy polish because when I got my Nails Inc. Feathers, I had no idea how to use it.  I just bought it for the sake of trying them at least once.  So, a year and so after the purchase, here I am using Nails Inc Edinburg on top of the Sinful Colors Endless Blue. That's a BK white polish under Sally Hansen Tweedy, Nicole by OPI Ladies In The Limelight under Sally Hansen's Peach Fuzz.  And then it's Nails Inc again with Brighton over Essie Where's My Chauffer.
Anyway, my child's bugging me to paint these little monsters on her nails.  Uhhh, soon.  Lazy mode: ON.  
Now, my next problem is, how and when to use these guys again.  Lol.  Let you know when I think of something original, but don't bet on it. LOL. 
Thank you, Chalkboard Nails for being such an inspiration.  You rock!

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