Saturday, June 7, 2014

Nail Art by Jess Gellada

Hey, Everyone!!!!!!

OKAY? OKAY.  I need water.  I need to drink.  Still giddy from what just happened. In my head, I'm doing a happy dance. *oh yeah, oh yeah, uhhhh yeaaahhhhh!!* LOL!  

FYI, my Daddy-in-law's an artist.  I live with them and see his paintings everywhere inside the house.  Sometimes I see him paint, but never from start to finish (and never on my nails, lol).  I had my mom buy a big life-like koi painting from him. (Will take a picture of that soon and post it here.)  So, anyway, when this pond manicure became popular on IG, I asked him if he could teach me how to paint koi. 

This was our trial mani.  (We didn't do a pond manicure just yet because I currently do not own a sheer green or blue polish.)

 I used Essie In The Cab-Ana for the base, and he used acrylic paint for the koi.  This is a really special mani for me since he showed it to me step-by-step.  I was fangirl-ing so bad. His brush strokes were just incredible.  (He did this in less than 5 minutes.) It reminded me of my old Chinese Calligraphy classes in the past (that I obviously didn't take seriously.)  Hopefully someday, I'll be able to make an awesome koi mani/pond mani, too. 

Thanks, Dad, for taking time to paint art on my nails. I love you. :)



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